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Mabuhay, tuloy po kayo! This is the traditional Pilipino way of saying welcome to the eHome of the CAUNANs. We are grateful for your visit and interest in learning our heritage.
Recently, we have been contacted a number of times through the original CAUNAN website by distant and long lost relatives asking how we, the CAUNANs that we have known all our life, would be related to them. When we read those emails, we suddenly realized that we are not the only CAUNANs in this world.
If, for whatever reason, you feel that your name should not be posted anywhere in this website, please let us know ASAP and we will delete all references to your name or person.
Your Best Source for Tracing your Origins ...
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It is our objective to share with you every available and permissible information about us. If you have any relevant knowledge or important information about our heritage, we encourage you to share them. For your convenience, you may use the Contact Us form.
We sincerely appreciate your understanding, patience and most of all, assistance. And don't forget to share this site with our other relatives and friends. Let them know who we are and be proud of Our Heritage, the CAUNAN Family. Thank you so very much.
For those of you with wider interests and knowledge about our heritage, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will endeavor to include the additional information that you may graciously provide and share.
Please be aware that this project is in its early stage of development. This site will be updated constantly and changed frequently, so we encourage you to return often in order to view the changes. Or even better, why don't you make this site as your default Homepage? Let us know if you need help setting it up.
This site will attempt to expand the links between the CAUNAN family, starting with our last known ancestors, Victorino Caunan of Calatagan, Batangas and Ramona Calzado of Balayan, Batangas.
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14 September 2013